Top 5 Health Hacks by Forest Mana: Part 2

This is a continuation of “Top 5 Health Hacks by Forest Mana”. Part 1 can be found here!

Hack #3: Supplement the essentials

If you’re in the northern hemisphere, chances are that you may be suffering from a vitamin D deficiency, among other things. Nutrient deficiency is highly relevant to humans, since we are highly mobile and tend to change our environments quite frequently. Most animal species which are considered native to their natural habitat, are equipped with the right biological mechanisms to adapt to the environment and address any potential deficiency as generations pass. With the advent of modern means of transportation and globalisation, humans tend to change their environment much more frequently when compared to animals, thus making adaptation a hard task.

One of the most known nutrient deficiencies if you live in the United Kingdom, for example, is vitamin D. The best way to acquire this vitamin is through enjoying the sunlight outdoors or by absorbing it through food supplements.

Other popular supplements include the Omega-3 essential oils, vitamin C, and Zinc; and more recently - mushroom extract powders for those who have all based covered, but need that extra edge. 

When it comes to essentials, Forest Mana has identified additional means to supplement your diet - these have been part of the Asian cuisine for thousands of years, and have only recently seen an emergence in the West.

How do you know which nutrients your body would benefit the most? The most reliable and accurate way to do that would be to have a blood test with your physician. Among these, the most common ones used for extensive health screening are thyroid, sports performance and nutritional blood tests, as well as a generalised health screening blood test. Science, baby!


Hack #4: Habit adjustment and noticing your extremities

Everyone’s naturally gifted at something, but no one is born with a healthy set of habits to properly reveal those gifts; hence the saying “hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard”. Some people can tolerate 24 hours of ultra marathon running, others only sprint, and do it exceedingly well - perhaps due to a merge of talent and hard work. To realise their best selves at the highest level, athletes have to choose certain nutrition, habits and time-investment strategies. The ones that facilitate improvement become habits, while replacing that which does not contribute.

For example, if you’re a long distance runner, it is more than likely that your body will have less muscle mass when compared to your average sprinter or power lifter. That is how your body adapts to the one function which you chose to pursue to its extreme.

In modern day life, if you work at the office at your standard 9 to 5 gig, one extreme has already been chosen for you - sitting at a desk, hunched over for 8 hours at a time, looking at a digital screen with most of the blood circulation being intermittently cut off from your legs. Humans have not yet adapted to the conditions of the modern lifestyle - our bodies are similar to chimps and other mammals, in that we are designed to constantly move, in search for a food source or any other natural necessity to survive.

Needless to say, the life long sedentary lifestyle will surely negatively affect your natural physical and cognitive functions, sooner or later. To combat this, we need to adjust our habits through movement, nutrition and mindset - and the effort required for it to counteract the negative side-effects of a sedentary lifestyle can be considered an extreme! If you suffer from what is called the office syndrome, your physician will recommend stretching exercises, yoga, massage therapy adequate hydration. In order for that to produce great results for your health, it needs to become a consistent habit, a part of your routine - a conscious adaptation to the challenges imposed on you. What makes it an extremity is the intensity and level of rigorousness needed for it to counteract the negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle. After sitting for 8 to 12 or more hours at a desk, a mere 10 minute stretching routine is simply not enough to combat the cardiovascular, neurological and muscle atrophy across your body. Your heart rate needs to be elevated above average and kept there for at least half an hour and all of your body needs to be stretched out, it needs to receive adequate nutrition and other health-restoring tasks. The effort needed to execute a routine which covers all of these bases has to be squeezed in a short amount of time, so arguably you should be even more proactive and much more effective in your health routine than during your official work duties - that’s intense!

Another extreme you may be facing, is the modern Western diet. Go to your local supermarket, and you’ll see everything pre-packaged, waxed, frozen, sorted, assorted, dyed and processed in infinite other ways - all to make you react to the redness of an apple or a steak, to attract your attention and to ensure that the product is presented to you at eye level, in a maze, designed to keep you browsing for as long as possible - and to buy buy buy! Your favourite yogurt - their marketing team has labelled it as fat free, right? It is not sugar free though, and there is a widespread misconception about fat being bad for you - even worse than sugar… And that is absolutely not true in most cases. The food pyramid that you’ve likely been taught in the 90's classroom? Flip it upside down and you’ll get a better representation of what your diet should consist of!

So what do you really know about nutrition and what’s on your plate? Myself, along with other fabulous co-founders at Forest Mana didn’t know a lot of things, and therefore decided to take control of at least a fraction of our nutrition - through mushroom extract powders by Forest Mana. Before founding Forest Mana, we used to trust many different off the counter health supplement providers, which hasn’t introduced any confidence in our routine. Once we started contacting our medicinal mushroom farmers and having the extracts delivered to us directly from the source and having them chemically tested, we knew that Forest Mana was the first step to some degree of autonomy and control when it came to our health and nutrition. From this idea, our products have now miraculously reached your hands, to assist you with the best possible quality of supplements that can be made available on the market - at fabulously affordable rates!

Mushroom extract powders have allowed us and many of our customers to pursue excellence in what we call functional nutrition. If you’re an athlete, your nutrition should act in support of your main athletic ability; if you’re a STEM professional, it is necessary to adjust your nutrition to prevent brain fog and increase focus. Our products are capable of providing the athlete and the scientist with the defining edge needed to excel in their chosen passions and pursuits. Athletes tend to use Cordyceps mushroom extract powder to supplement their energy levels, while various creatives, scientists and academics love our Lion's Mane mushroom extract powder!


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