Top 5 Benefits of Mushroom Extracts by Forest Mana

If you're wondering what is all the hype about when it comes to mushroom extract powders, look no further! After a strong decade of fascinating scientific discovery and receiving feedback from our lovely customers, we've developed the perfect extract formulae for a modern lifestyle.

Here are our top 5 benefits of daily mushroom consumption in extract form!


1. Easy on the Belly and Hard on Results

The supplement industry can't offer anything easier on the belly and gut health than premium mushroom extract powders. Almost all supplements tailored to the needs of high-performance athletes have substances which may compromise gut health - something that the latest research in nutrition sciences to be one of the most important factors in overall longevity and athletic performance.
For example, our cordyceps mushroom extract powder, a favourite among athletes, has shown great results in increasing overall energy levels, especially assisting in the reduction of the negative effects of Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS). DOMS is experienced by power athletes and is one of the most expected stages of recovery. Recovery is arguably the most important part of any high level physical conditioning routine, which is why it is nice to have mushroom extracts as great new age supplements that are easy on the belly and hard on achieving great results.

2. Functional Nutrition at its best!

Mushroom extracts are most known for their role in what is called functional nutrition. Functional nutrition means structuring your daily food and beverage intake to suit the needs of a particular function, as a means to achieve optimal results.
One of the founders of Forest Mana has experienced this by himself! By switching from a purely carb load diet before a long-distance running event, he implemented Cordyceps and Lion's Mane mushroom extract powders into his diet, and doubled down on the consumed amounts a day before the race. He used Cordyceps to boost his energy levels and then Lion's Mane to maintain his focus and the neurological health needed for an explosive start, a stable pace and a strong finish.
"By not using the carb load diet before the Lincoln 10k race and loading myself up with Lion's Mane and Cordyceps mushroom extract powders, I've avoided a problem that has been plaguing me during the previous races - heaviness in the gut, brain fog and the insulin shock that is felt by most endurance athletes. I've crushed my PB and didn't have to follow a strict diet to manage my post-race insulin levels, which would typically follow a carb load diet."
For endurance athletes, it is very important to max out on glycogen stores before any race, but everyone's bodies are different. This is why it is important to consider an alternative diet, before falling into the pleasurable carb load.

3. Perfect for vegan and other plant-based diets!

Because the Forest Mana team consists of people from various diverse lifestyles and diet preferences, we know all too well that it may be hard for vegans to find appropriate supplementation for a sustainable high performance lifestyle.
This is why we love mushroom extract powders so much - the high impact, functional, nutritional goodness is perfect for people who adhere to a plant-based diet. Our mushrooms come from independent specialised farms from their natural habitat and are processed by the highly sought for double water and alcohol extraction method.
Our mushroom extracts are all clean, certified, highly concentrated and tested to meet and exceed the claims made in our advertising to offer some of the finest selection of premium extracts in the UK market.
For our founders at Forest Mana, making our products diverse and approachable to all cultures and lifestyles was our primary motive. We pledge to deliver this value straight to your door and have your nutrition needs covered by some of the best supplements on the market.

4. On-the-go ready

For our founders at Forest Mana, making our products diverse and approachable to all cultures and lifestyles was our primary motive. We pledge to deliver this value straight to your door and have your nutrition needs covered by some of the best supplements on the market.
Our products are made for on-the-go application, because our team rely on a steady supply of nutritious goodness to perform well in the active modern lifestyle. Bringing a re-sealable and fully recyclable Forest Mana pouch to the office, carrying it safely in your carrier bag and popping it open during lunch is a seamless experience, tailored to enrich every bit and coffee sip with the best of what nature has to offer.

5. Immunity Boosting

In these unprecedented times, we are facing great public health challenges, but it all begins with your individual responsibility to protect yourself and your immunity from the potential dangers while living an active modern lifestyle.
It has long been proven that supplementation with vitamin D, essential amino-acids and hydration is essential to ensure your optimal health if push comes to shove. One of the kost time-tested and currently trending things to consider for your immunity is Turkey Tail mushroom.
Our Turkey Tail Mushroom extract powder is the perfect natural supplement to very specifically boost your immunity. It is one of the most popular products among the more vulnerable health groups, as it is perfect for those who'd like to level up their immune system by using natural means and preserving the gut health.

Feedback? Comments? Suggestions?

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