Top 3 Tips for a Healthy Easter Menu with Mushroom Extracts

Easter is here, and we're chuffed to bits to be observing the rapid onset of green in nature. Naturally, we've been looking into what goes on the traditional Easter table, and for ways to add a healthy kick to it. Here are our Top 5 ideas for enhancing your Easter menu with mushroom extracts by Forest Mana!

Coffee and/or tea to start the morning

In our previous blog we covered all the different ways mushroom extracts are taking the coffee lover and health nut industry by storm! Start the Easter Day right with no-jitters caused by your fav cup of coffee. Just adding a scoop or two to your morning espresso or pour-over will start you off smooth, working towards a gradual uplift in spirits!

Vegan Soup for a cleanse and self-care

Soup is a great dish to use mushroom extracts with, as the sodium in the stock will balance out all natural flavours coming from our mushroom extracts. The earthiness of our natural mushroom goodies will introduce a layer of richness to your dish, making sure that the 'feel-good' spirit persists throughout the day. Vegans tend to be champions of soup, for it's flexibility as a dish and sensations which warm you up from the inside!

A strong family lunch... with eggs!

We repeat... Eggs! Mixing our mushroom extract powders in your egg-based salad, omelette or other family dishes will make you feel at ease - you've done your bit to add a healthy kick to the traditional family menu. Do test out the quantities of mushroom extracts added to these dishes, as the integrity of your family recipe comes first (this means consult with mum first)!

Bonus tip #1: Got desert? Then get some mushroom extract!

This one's tricky, as deserts are very delicate and typically not mixed with the earthy taste palette brought on by mushroom extracts. If you're going to pick one, we recommend a crepe-based savoury treat - ham, egg & mushroom extract is a tested formula by one of the founders of Forest Mana!

Bonus Tip #2: Mayo dish got you stuck? Finish it off with a bang!

If at the end of the day you're trapped regretting the sudden realisation of your calorie consumption, rest easy. Mushroom extract powders do generally fair well with the acidic and salty tones introduced in mayo-based salads, so you can manage a shift in perspective by trying it out on the leftover white salad!
Ready to kickstart the healthy balance in your diet after Easter? Check out our official online store for the best of what nature has to offer!

Wishing a Happy Easter to you and your family,
Forest Mana🌳

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