Science News June 2021: Immunity Boosting Mushrooms, Intermittent Fasting, Reishi Benefits for Gut Health

Another month, another blog post breaking down the latest headlines in nutrition science! June 2021 is all about further research into immunity-boosting medicinal mushrooms, possibilities to change our food routines for a healthier lifestyle and preventing illness with effective natural supplements.

Shiitake Mushrooms Boost Immunity

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There is scientific data that proves Shiitake mushroom immunity boosting properties. Out of all the mushroom species, approximately 20 are used for culinary purposes - the most notable and widely used in Asian Cuisine is Shiitake mushrooms. Shiitake Mushrooms are native to Asia and are cultivated for their culinary and medicinal value - this includes our wide product range, which includes a standalone option for Shiitake Mushroom Extract Powder as well as a 7 essential mushroom extract blend - Spectrum 7.
A new study shows increased immunity in people who consumed shiitake mushroom for the research period. The study had 52 people, ages 21-41, to follow a four-week regiment with a single switch in dietary routine - the addition of Shiitake mushroom. These were consumed as 4 ounce servings . Blood testing confirmed better-functioning gamma delta T-cells and reductions in inflammatory proteins after the 4 week period, when compared to test results which were held prior to the research period (1).

Many people could reduce their 'feeding window' by three hours

Time-restricted feeding, one of the many types of intermittent fasting, is a practice of restricting the daily eating window between the first and last meal. This is done to prolong the daily fasting period, which is proven to be a highly healthy dietary habit.
In this study, which was published in the journal about the topics of nutrition science and trends, researchers from Surrey, UK have reported the results from surveying approximately 600 people to determine the barriers preventing them from adopting time-restricted daily feeding habits.
The majority of respondents had a 10-14 hour feeding window. A majority of respondents were convinced that they could reduce their feeding window by three hours, if the health claims of this type of routine would be proven to be undisputable to them personally (2).
One of the main aspects of time restricted eating, such as intermittent fasting, is that all of the necessary calories are consumed within a limited time window. Research suggests that a smaller feeding window contributes to a lesser overall calorie consumption due to the increased satiety experienced during the limited feeding window.

Extracts From Reishi Mushroom And Green Tea Shows Synergistic Effect To Slow Sarcoma

Scientific studies have found that combining the active ingredients in the Reishi mushroom and the tea creates synergetic effects that inhibited the growth of tumours and delayed the time of death in mice with sarcomas.
The Western-style diet has high amounts of processed, high sugar and pre-packaged foods which severely lack fibre. Fibre is needed to support gut microbiota. Changes in dietary habits aimed at especially a lack of fibre, are believed to have contributed to the increased prevalence of chronic inflammatory diseases such as inflammatory bowel disease, metabolic syndrome and cancer.
In the study, researchers found switching mice from a standard grain-based rodent chow to a high-fat, low-fibre Western-style diet resulted in a rapid reduction in the number of gut bacteria. Mice fed the Western-style diet were frequently unable to clear the pathogen Citrobacter rodentium from the colon. They were also prone to developing a chronic infection when re-challenged by this pathogen.
The researchers conclude the Western-style diet reduces the numbers of gut bacteria and promotes encroachment of microbiota into the intestine, potentially influencing immune system readiness and the body's defence against pathogenic bacteria (3).

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