Level Up Your Vegan Palette with Mushroom Extract Powders

Vegans and Mushroom Extract Powders are a match made in heaven (or in the forest, rather). From early hipster fads to the recent environmentally conscious decisions towards a vegan palette, many of us are already in the game of veganism. Forest Mana is here for everyone, including vegans - so let's dig into the ways our mushroom extract powders may be the perfect fit for your healthy lifestyle!

Inflammation? No chance!

According to Science Direct, mushroom extracts and compounds exhibit anti-inflammatory activity. Agaricus, Antrodia, Cordyceps and Pleurotus are the most widely studied species, showing definitive results towards not only eliminating the contribution of consuming plant-based food towards inflammation, but also to actively working towards counteracting any such experiences caused by other foods and/or substances. Using our mushroom extract powders along with your nutrition if you suspect an inflammatory compound in your food is a no brainer! It is perfect for elimination-based diets, so if you're attempting to locate a compound that is messing with your health in a pursuit to make your nutrition truly yours - look no further than our official online shop.

Allergies? Unheard of!

Reishi - one of our most popular mushroom extracts - is a powerful anti-inflammatory and natural antioxidant. The compounds observed in reishi mushrooms make it a great anti-inflammatory and one of the most powerful natural antioxidants that exist. Apart from reishi, nearly all of our featured medicinal mushrooms are widely used in Eastern nutrition and cases of an allergic response is extremely rare. Our mushroom extract powders are some of the most easiest to digest, easy to use and introduce into any diet - including (especially) vegan! Check out our Reishi Mushroom Extract Powder!

Nutrition density? Of course!

Some of the most useful technical aspects of our mushroom extract powders is that they pack a punch in small amounts. This is because the extract form takes an already nutritiously dense superfood and turns it into something which can have a noticeable positive effect on overall or functional aspects of your health and wellbeing. For vegans, this is probably one of the most important aspects of nutrition, as it may be hard to manage a strict diet with the limited selection of products available on the mainstream market. Forest Mana is here to cover the smaller parts - assuring that your diet receives a more well-rounded approach, helping to eliminate gaps and allowing you to feel more at ease.

Nutrition variety? It's cheating (but it works)!

One of the ways which allow mushroom extracts excel as health supplements is the ability to manifest in highly concentrated powder form. This allows mixing of several varieties of distinct medicinal mushroom powders, easily covering the aspect of variety in your diet. Variety is absolutely essential for everyone's diet and it is great to turn to solutions which give you a well rounded approach to closing these gaps. Based on the feedback of our fabulous community of health nuts, the Spectrum 7 Mushroom Extract Blend by Forest Mana is made to cover all possible bases when it comes to treating your body and mind with mushroom extracts. See for yourself!

Environment friendly?! It's as green as it gets!

In general, we stand on the side of hard science, which states that mushrooms may be an answer to a lot of our problems in global pollution. If we carry on with the promotion of mushrooms as a food source, the demand for these wonderful organisms will force the mainstream markets to incorporate the production of medicinal and food mushrooms into the global supply chain, effectively kicking out the not-so-sustainable pieces of the modern kitchen. Our products are packaged in recyclable packaging and all the printing on it is done with (green) environment-friendly inks. Everything else is recycled paper and digital goodiness, so join us in our stand for better nutrition for a healthy future, for people and the environment, altogether!

Veganism and Mushroom Extract Powders

All of the above is just a small scratch on the surface of what's to come. It is our firm belief that mushroom extracts will be the most sustainable; and our conviction to bring these absolute health solutions on your plate! It's vegan, organic, GMO free, certified for all Western Markets, sourced from multiple independent farmers and tested in a modern lab. This may sound salesy, but we're only able to vouch for our own products, as we're all here, experiencing it first-hand by controlling the whole process. Get your market leading premium mushroom extract powders at a great price - while stocks last!

Get your own set of functional superfoods and mushroom extract powders by ordering direct from our official online shop at www.forestmana.com

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