Forest Mana: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

As a company which drew its inspiration from the splendid Baltic nature, we have always focused on scaling our business while being as green as can be. Let's talk about our effort and how we enable our community of environment-conscious health-nuts succeed at a healthy lifestyle in-line with nature!


Our packaging

Recyclable - period. The pouches that contain our mushroom extract products are fully recyclable, ready to comply with your regular waste disposal routine.

We love that our community, while being health nuts, are also very positively green-minded! We know this, because we receive a lot of emails from our loyal customer base, which raise good questions regarding our green effort, to check if our products do not need any extra care when it comes to waste management. We always reassure and thank them for their great attitude towards protecting our environment! Go you!


Our extracts

It’s in the name - the positive energy and amazing health benefits that are contained in our mushroom extract powders are straight from nature - no chemicals, pesticides and other big ‘no’s are used during the production, harvest, extraction and packaging - right until it reaches your doorstep!

Notice the fine print on our labels - it’s on paper! Often we see the brands around us cut corners, go for plastic labelling, when paper is just as good. The forest green ink that is used on our current line-up of products is designed to compose and leave no mark on nature’s doorstep (it’s not just the colour!).


Our delivery

Your delivery may contain a special offer, information printed (in ‘green’, as mentioned above!) on a paper leaflet. Any extra packaging that is included in your delivery - you’ll never find unnecessary, wasteful or irrelevant things; only the good stuff!

Notice our green logo stamp on the envelope seal - you’ll see what to expect after the first glance!


Our responsibility

We make it our duty to not only comply, but to push beyond all expectations when it comes to green living but to also design our products in a way that helps our customers do the same.

Your action means more than you think, so we encourage you to not only choose us as your own trusted supplement brand, but to also do the same with your green, independent, small businesses in the various industries that make our lives truly comfortable.

One of our founders makes it a mini-mission, to have a light-hearted conversation with the people who are running your favourite local shops - to help them excel and be awarded for the profit margins they have to sacrifice in order to play their part in saving the Earth through the extra effort introduced by sustainable action. 


Our love for nature

When was the last time you’ve been at a forest?

Well, Forest Mana started when one founder had an idea, and communicated it via a meeting. That meeting was not held in a boring office room, nor was it a passing chatter at a bar or some questionable basement. It was in the woods, among the greenery and trees, older than our memories.

After the idea of Forest Mana was pronounced into sound, the nature around is served as a proof of concept - here we have the most valuable things, in great abundance. The simple things: movement, mindfulness, herbs, berries and mushrooms - nutrition that dictates a lifestyle.

Forest Mana helps us love nature more, and we believe that this love will translate through our products into a universally understood language in our community of healthy/green living nuts.

'Mana' means energy, and you can only draw it from the Forest if it is preserved, sustained, not-threatened, thriving - this is why we care about the environment so much!


Join the Forest Mana community

If you wish to join our community, you will find many options to do so!

Look us up @forestmanahq on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn; find us on eBay and our official website and perhaps even at your local retailer!

Photo Copyright: Forest Mana (Primal Nature Nutrition Ltd)

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