If you are paying careful attention to your dietary labels as well as the latest headlines in health and nutrition science, you are not alone. There are more health-freaks out there than in any time in history, arguably because the emerging science on nutrition is getting more informative and complete by each passing day. There is one area where the headlines collide and agree on one thing – the surprising benefits and nutritional applications of medicinal mushrooms.

The science revolving around medicinal mushrooms is not new, yet it is! If we’re talking about the testimony springing from the ancient (as well as the now modern) Asian cultures, the “science” is old. But if we are discussing that which can be proven to be accepted by the worldwide scientific community (and not just your random snake oil salesman), we are now standing on science which has the capability to absolutely blow your mind.

The many health benefits provided to us by medicinal mushrooms is astounding, so why not begin scratching the surface with a brief outline of the latest (and permanent) dietary craze.

Lion’s Mane: a cognitive powerhouse!

Lion’s mane can help with cognition, memory, concentration while reducing oxidative stress, as it is a powerful antioxidant. Use a spoonful of lion’s mane in a cup of herbal tea or coffee for an antioxidant-enriched start of the day.

Chaga: winning the good fight against inflammation!

Chaga fights aging processes while reducing inflammation and lowering LDL (low-density lipoproteins, also known as the “bad” cholesterol) levels. Adding a spoonful of chaga powder to a smoothie turns an otherwise sugary beverage into a nutritionally enriched natural health cocktail.

Shiitake: loves your heart, hates cholesterol!

Shiitake is known to assist with lowering levels of cholesterol, improving heart health, blood pressure and circulation over long-term use. Treat yourself to a spoonful of shiitake powder as part of your favorite food and drink recipes for the well-renowned addition of umami flavour.

Turkey tail: serious about immune support and cancer prevention

Turkey tail is your go-to medicinal mushroom for immune support and cancer prevention. Love those immunity boosting smoothies? There’s no doubt about it - turkey tail is an antioxidant-rich component you don’t see too often even in your trendy London latte. It’s about time to put our fight against cancer in the fifth gear by making use of turkey tail just like cinnamon, turmeric and other popular goodies!

Cordyceps: a natural performance booster!

We think that the cordyceps mushroom family is one of the most complex and fascinating variety of organisms observed in the forest – look it up! Use cordyceps as a natural energy boosting supplement as part of your pre-workout routine. It is known to boost athletic performance and aid muscle recovery.

Result-driven nutrition science for an active modern lifestyle!

You’ll notice that most health result-driven recipes incorporate the use mushroom powders. That is because medicinal mushrooms are meant to be taken in powder form, which, in turn, makes them a more versatile and flexible option to use in your preferred cuisine! Add medicinal mushroom powders to whatever that is on the table, anywhere in the world – it doesn’t get easier than that!

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